DWZ Cloud Solutions During Covid -19 Pandemic

Recent events, including the outbreak of the corona virus, require special preparation, and a change in the perception of IT in the organization while understanding the derivative business effects, in terms of economic and financial aspects as well as management and control of all future risks.

The challenging situation today requires us to be more exposed to business damage through information security breaches, impersonation and cyber, dealing with a decrease in the availability of manpower, working from home while maintaining information security and more …

Therefore, it is important for us to give a reference that will address the rapid changes that an organization needs to go through IT with an unequivocal understanding that an organization needs to continue working even these days with a minimum of financial expense! That is why we will keep our customers with a simple and easy commercial model on a “pay-as-you-go” basis without obligation.


Our portal called DWZ Cloud includes a range of technological services and solutions that will be used by the organization especially these days and perhaps even regularly even after the Corona crisis.


DWZ Cloud Connect service

A classic, simple and inexpensive solution in the “pay-as-you-go” model with no obligation, provides a solution for your organization and allows it to be remotely connected securely and control all existing systems in the organization (including e-commerce systems).

The service is intended for employees who do not have the ability to access secure work remotely, the solution can be fixed for users who want to be connected from home to all the computer systems in the office. In fact, everything is managed through a dedicated portal when the end user will make the connection:
remote. Domain Name.com – It is important to note that connection is very easy, simple and secure.


3CX PBX PBX technology
is a great service that includes an IVR call router, which allows for multi-participant conference calling, tutorial management, remote file sharing for example: Remote tutorials can be given to present presentations, chat and share files between all participants.

The service includes video calls in HD quality and a management system and recordings for all calls in the organization. The app is supported on all smartphones in the market. You can download the app on iPhone and Android. Thus the business will continue to receive telephones even in these tropical days in a commercial model “pay according to consumption”.


Softphone extension on a computer / cellular
It is possible to turn the employee’s or owner’s mobile phone as a remote extension in the business’ PBX. This way, customers can contact business employees, even if the employees are not in the office, a service which saves on the purchase of customized equipment.


Cloud File Management Service File Server As A Service
DWZ Technologies’ file sharing service is a managed and shared file synchronization system that helps companies provide users with a cloud file management service. The system improves the productivity of working on the files in the organization and the control of the organizational files with the help of the system it is possible to allow remote access to the file services without exposing the data in a dangerous way. The data is stored on the customer’s site for full security control and is securely synchronized to the cloud. The system is applicable so that you can see and work from the files from anywhere and from any mobile that supports iPhone and Android.


Backup and Business Continuity
An easy and convenient to use solution, protects information from glitches, deletes information and ransomware attack leading to information loss. It is one of the world’s leading solutions with local and cloud backup capabilities together, supports all types of systems and databases, as well as applications such as Office 365, the ability to restore individual items or entire computing environments in the event of a disaster. The service in a simple business model and sold according to volume in the “pay according to consumption” model


Data Security:


enables a cloud-based cyber service that allows businesses to automatically block malicious websites on the Internet that users try to browse. The system includes a database of millions of malicious sites that are automatically blocked and updated in real time with over 100,000 new malicious sites

Appearing on the Internet on a daily basis. A leading service that protects over 500 million users worldwide.


from virus attacks, ransomware and the like are on the rise these days so your organization needs an antivirus which will provide protection for PCs and workstations. Full cloud model and based on “payment according to consumption”.


OFFICE 365 Microsoft Services
Today, more than ever, the capabilities for the mobility and continuity of all OFFICE services are important.

The ability to connect to corporate mail services, file management and project management from anywhere at any time. DWZ Cloud provides a solution for all the leading services with the ability to assimilate easily and quickly to your organization, along with providing quality and full 24/7 service around the clock.


An employee and attendance management system
gives the organization the ability to manage the most valuable resource of all and it is the human capital of the organization that is becoming these days extremely critical. Therefore, we have a solution with the ability to sign attendance, task management, reporting hours, sick days and everything in the app and in real time, the service is provided in a commercial model * without obligation * simple and convenient based on several users.DWZ