Cloud backup & Cyber Protection

In order to provide the best cloud backup solution for businesses, we have chosen to be the authorized distributors of Solar Winds Backup in Israel, the world leader in the field of cloud-managed backup.

DWZ Technologies can guarantee you the best and most sophisticated service in the field of backup in a cloud model, with the services stored on Solarwinds MSP’s Data-Center infrastructure scattered in about 30 data centers around the world that are subject to the most stringent standards and regulations.

Key SolarWinds Backup Cloud Backup Capabilities
Backup servers in the cloud (Windows and Linux).

Backup files in the cloud from stations (Windows, Linux and Mac).

Backup of all virtualization technologies – VMWARE / HYPER-V.

Cloud backup MS SQL, MS Exchange databases.

Restore data from the cloud to the customer’s site and an option for local recovery (another copy of the backup on another local site or in the cloud).

Restore systems (servers and stations) to different hardware (Universal Restore).

Back up other cloud services such as Microsoft O365 services.

Advanced advanced protection service from RANSOMWARE to end stations and servers that allows automatic recovery after file encryption.

Cloud backup and data protection solution for physical, virtual servers, workstations, critical business documents and Office 365. Global private cloud storage with over 30 databases worldwide, back-up option for local storage on the client site, automatic recovery tests, automatic settings and settings Customized to features, everything is managed from a single web-based control center.


The Solarwinds MSP backup provides data protection for:

Servers (both physical and virtual)

Workstations (including system mode)

Documents – Dedicated backup of documents at endpoints

Microsoft Office 365 (Exchange Email, Contacts, Calendars and OneDrive, SharePoint)


Compliance with standards:

Cloud backup is encrypted with military-grade encryption methods in your systems before they are sent for storage in a heavily secured data center in Europe or the US.

The data center is certified at the highest level for ISO:

ISO 9001: 2008

ISO14001: 2004

OHSAS 18001: 2007

ISO27001: 2005

ISO50001: 2011

PCI-DSS Chapter 9

Retention & Archive

By default, the retention period of the backups is set to 90 days. If you want to be able to go back for a longer or shorter period, you can customize the validity to infinity.

All packages include one monthly archive. These backup sessions will always remain available for immediate recovery, regardless of the retention period.


Flexibility of restorations:

SolarWinds Cloud Backup provides many recovery options from a single backup:

Recovery from a virtual disaster

Restore a physical or virtual server to VM

Instant recovery in your location / hosting / in the Azure cloud

Bare metal recovery (system mode)

Complete system recovery for new / replacement hardware

Restore specific files / folders.

Continuous Recovery “Hot Standby” – (Warm Standby)


Local backup copy – two-way synchronization of information:

You can sync a second copy to a local device, using the LocalSpeedVault feature

Existing network sharing or dedicated hardware can be used

Pros :

Faster recovery and recovery than locally stored backups.

Cost savings – no additional licensing needs to be added for two-way backup, feature included in pricing.

According to Best Practice – the best working method to hold three copies of data – production, LSV, remote.


Automatic recovery and recovery tests:

Using the SolarWinds backup system you can perform automatic backup checks for backups.


Cloud backup model pricing for businesses:

Backup of IT environments is not priced according to licensing but only according to a selected volume,

The payment is monthly in the MSP model according to actual consumption.

Each month the highest producer of the selected backup volume is measured and payment according to backup volume. (Highest produced according to the month measured only regardless of the Retention setting)


Backup and restore for Microsoft 365


Data loss protection: Users can often delete important email or OneDrive or SharePoint files inadvertently (or intentionally). If this happens, SolarWinds Backup offers the ability to search and recover quickly and easily.


Ex-employee email access: When employees leave, the organization does not want to continue to pay a simple subscription fee to store those employees ’emails and documents and it is indeed unnecessary, SolarWinds Backup for Microsoft 365 offers another way to save and access employees’ data left without holding The box is active.


Regulatory Support: Organizations that are under regulations with data retention requirements and data protection regulations SolarWinds Backup is designed to help you maintain and archive critical data that meets the stringent standards.


Easy management: With Solarwinds Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365, you can manage your backups on Microsoft 365 Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint from a single Web-based control center. You can view, control and manage the backup status of all users, and many types of devices and data.


Automation: Backing up SolarWinds helps create the right balance between automation and control. You can manually select which accounts and mailboxes you want to protect, or automatically add new Microsoft 365 accounts created to the backup schedule.


Time Point Recovery: Exchange / O365 mailboxes are automatically backed up to 6 times a day, OneDrive and SharePoint accounts up to 4 times a day, giving multiple daily restore points, allowing for easier and faster recovery.DWZ